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5 Facts About Platinum GSC

Like America’s favorite seasonal cookies, Girl Scout Cookies —  the GSC family boasts some notable strains from its phenotype. From Pink Cookies (aka Birthday Cake) to Thin Mint GSC to Berner’s Cookies, each pheno wowed us with their flavorful terps and THC content. One such delicious GSC evolution is Platinum GSC.

Platinum GSC (fka Platinum Girl Scout Cookies) is one of those strains that boost creativity while giving that full body high with a smidgin of euphoria.


As a Californian, you’re particular about the cannabis that goes in your lungs. Platinum GSC is one of those hybrid strains that was bred from legendary landrace strain Durban Poison and the original California classic OG Kush.

The original GSC was bred by jigga415 and popularized by Bay Area native and rapper Berner. After the strain’s inception a lot of phenos have been raised and Platinum GSC happens to be one of those strains that came into fruition.

There’s No Cherry Pie in Platinum GSC but a mystery strain

According some the tea PieGuy420 spilled in San Bernardino High Times 2013, there’s no Cherry Pie in GSC. GSC and Cherry Pie share the same parent strain, Durban Poison, and the rest of it is history.

However, mentions there’s a third unknown strain in the Platinum GSC genetics. Sadly, it’s not Platinum Kush or Platinum OG.

Terps, Terps, & more Terps

Like all the GSC strains, Platinum GSC inherited a unique terpene and flavor profile. Without getting too complicated —  it smells like a vanilla sugar cookie lightly dusted with icing sugar coupled with a slight hint of minty lemonade.

Platinum GSC is known for its sweet, earthy, and flowery flavors that pack a minty punch when smoked.

It helps with pain and appetite

When smoked or ingested, Platinum GSC’s effects is a moderate body high that promotes creativity and mood elevation. This strain is mainly meant for pain relief or to increase the appetite.

If you don’t like getting the munchies, it’s okay. Platinum GSC is still a good smoke because it’s also a great mood changer and sleep aid.

Platinum GSC is an Indica dominant Hybrid and it’s a very pretty strain

In terms of aesthetics, Platinum GSC sports dense bud. A good amount of trichomes and orange hairs also cover the verdant green nug.

Will this make your grinder and fingers sticky? Yes.

Will this strain give you a full body high? The answer is also yes. According to, most Platinum GSC plants contain 20% – 24 % THC in them.

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Written by Dominique


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