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Yes, Blue Dream isn’t A Figment of Your Imagination

When an Exotic becomes everybody’s favorite strain, memes start popping up on Instagram, and growers be like:

But, before the hate and before the insane disrespect of some bad grows, there was a perfectly balanced hybrid strain called Blue Dream. A good hearty flower that hits heavy and lives up to most cannabis strains smoked for its medicinal effects.

Here are 5 facts that prove Blue Dream is real


It’s Another Strain Cultivated from DJ Short’s Genetics

There’s a lot of good things Oregon breeder DJ Short has given to cannabis genetics — one of them was his legendary indica-dominant strain called Blueberry. Like White Widow (cultivated by Shantibaba & his old business partner Arjan from GreenHouse Seeds), Blueberry is a parent strain of a lot of well balanced Exotic and Top Shelf flowers.

Blue Dream’s genetics carries DJ Short’s Blueberry is crossed with a Sativa Haze.

It Gained Popularity in 2015 in Colorado

Although, Blue Dream is a Santa Cruz, CA native,  it took 10 years to gain traction and reach popularity in Colorado making it a staple in every dispensary imaginable . Perhaps, this was where the problem arised.

Due to the demand for Blue Dream, inexperienced growers began taking hold of the strain. This probably resulted in unstable, poorly grown flower or the piracy of Blue Dream’s genetics.

Either way, the regardless of what happened to Blue Dream, if you’ve smoked the real thing — the strain the stuff of dreams.

She’s A Looker

A good grow of Blue Dream yields bell-shaped buds. Orange hairs and a significant amount of trichomes bloom from the sage colored nug and populate it, leaving the fingers sticky.

Smells Like Blueberry Jam & Tastes Like Candy

People often look for different things in cannabis. Most of the time, people want heavy hitters. And most of the time, people smoke cannabis for the taste as well as the effects.

Blue Dream is a heavy hitter and it also has a very complex and unique flavor profile. It tastes like blueberry jam and smells like blueberries lightly dusted with icing sugar. Some people get hints of spiciness from it on the first puff. Whatever the results are, the Blue Dream tastes good and there’s no denying it.

Say Goodbye to Sad Feelings

At the height of its popularity, Blue Dream was always at the top of the list to remedy anxiety and depression. Strawberry Cough, Sour Diesel, and other Sativas were also included in some of those lists but time and time again, different sources on the internet always gravitate towards Blue Dream’s healing properties.

Aside from curing anxiety and depression, Blue Dream boasts of giving its user euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. This hybrid strain is well balanced because it provides a full body high as well as a creeping head change.

A good Blue Dream strain will always give you a good time. It’s good to share with friends, family, or all by yourself. No matter what people say, a popular strain is popular because there’s something positively irresistible about it.


Want to get this strain? Head on over to Or call 888-575-1323 TO SPEAK TO A VIRTUAL BUDTENDER!

Written by Dominique


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