What Are Smalls?

Dispensaries – storefronts or deliveries wouldn’t shy away from selling you shake or reggies to convert into extracts. But some dispensaries also wouldn’t shy away from selling popcorn buds, crown, or smalls.

What are smalls

Smalls are popcorn sized buds sold at a lower price. Some strains like GSC or Sunset Sherbet produce a lot of smaller buds that aren’t as huge or trichome encrusted as advertised on the market. These small nugs are usually sold in abundance and at a lower price because they’re not up to standard — smaller in size and lower in potency.

But, since cannabis is cannabis, people use smalls for an array of things. Making extracts for edibles, oils, and wax is one of them. Smoking is also one of them.

Why they’re worth buying

Sometimes, buying smaller nugs is a good thing. Smaller buds means less chances of getting bigger stems. Plus, the smalls are still a part of the main flower so the quality doesn’t drastically change. It could be of lesser quality aesthetically, but it holds the same potency as the bigger buds in the long run.

Nowadays, people love stronger hits. But if you’re someone who likes a gradual crawl and smoking consistently, smalls are for you. The potency is there but it requires more puffs until you feel the effects. Another great thing about smalls is the amount of cannabis you’ll have left over.

Smalls are definitely a great buy if you’re on a budget. It’s also a great way to get to know a stronger potency strain without getting overwhelmed with its heavy hitting effects.

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Written by Dominique


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