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What’s Good with Banana Split?

There’s so much to say about the potency and quality of a strain just by knowing who bred it. With Banana Split, it is easy to trace its properties from the breeder and its genetics.

Bred by Crockett Family Farms

Crockett Family Farms is known for creating the popular, citrusy strain Tangie. Apparently, Tangie is a remake of an older strain called Tangerine Dream that won the 2010 Cannabis Cup. Although, Tangerine Dream was created by Amsterdam based cultivators called Barney’s Farms, Crockett Family Farms, perhaps, took liberty in replicating the strain due to its wonderful effects.

Either way, Banana Split sprung from a Tangie and Banana Sherbet cross giving us a citrusy, syrupy scent mixed with both the qualities of its parent strains.

Great For Stress Release

Banana Split is best smoked for stress release and letting the body ease out of muscle pain. This strain is also great for productivity, bringing the mind to back to focus and elevating positivity in terms of mood.

Tastes Like Summer

Like its namesake Banana Split gives off a summer vibe but can be consumed in any kind of weather. It brings a smile to the face and warmth in the heart.

The taste resembles the sensation of sipping honey sweetened lemon iced tea from a frosted glass.

Want to get this strain? Head on over to Or call 888-575-1323 TO SPEAK TO A VIRTUAL BUDTENDER!

Written by Dominique


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