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Strain Types – Sativa, Hybrid, Indica

A Quick Guide to Strain Types

When you’re new to smoking legal cannabis, marijuana menus can often be confusing. Budtenders often take care of that discrepancy by guiding and suggesting what’s good for the new patient. But when it comes to buying cannabis online, it can be a little bit difficult. There’s a lot of information out there and they require a lot of reading.

This article is a summary of cannabis types and is meant to guide the first time cannabis user. To give information on which type of cannabis strain is best for you without the added stress of reading.

What are Cannabis Strain Types? What can they do for you?

Cannabis strains can be categorized into two distinct types: Sativa and Indica. Each one of them have their own specific qualities that add to their effects. And in the middle of Sativa and Indica strains are Hybrids —


A Sativa strain causes full cerebral high. Smoking a Sativa often gives the user energy, clarity, and creativity. It forces the body to stay active while taking away feelings of pain and laziness.

Often, this strain is smoked during the daytime due to its effects.

Sativa Strain Examples: Congo, Green Crack, and Jack Herrer.

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An Indica strain causes a full body high. Smoking an Indica often gives the user euphoria, relaxation, and sleepiness.

Often, this strain is smoked during the nighttime due to its couch-locking effects.

Indica Strain Examples: Frosty, Black Cherry Pie, and Acai Kush.

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Hybrid cannabis strains often have a mix of both qualities an Indica and Sativa possesses. These strains can perform both Sativa and Indica effects so the terms, “Indica heavy hybrid” or “Sativa heavy hybrid” often pop-up in some menus.

People pick hybrid strains due to the mixed qualities each strain has.

Hybrid Strain Examples: Black Jack, Banana Split, Gorilla Glue #4, Grease Monkey, Lemon Gelato, etc.

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For more information about cannabis strain types you can read the following articles: Leafly | Medical Jane 

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