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5 Facts On Lemon Banana Sherbet

Lemon Banana Sherbet is another balanced, lemony hybrid strain from Crockett Family Farms. This strain is known for its sativa-dominant effects and delicious taste that leans towards giving its user positive vibe after the first puff.

Lemon Banana’s Genetics

There’s a little  information known about Crockett Family Farms besides being the breeders of Tangie. Their seeds are mainly distributed by DNA Genetics – a company based that first started in Amsterdam – and have an active Instagram account (@crockett420). All we know about them is that they’re based in California and have created award winning staples like Strawberry Banana, Sour Tangie Banana, and Banana Split.

Lemon Banana Sherbet is a Crockett Family Farm’s strain. It’s bred from Lemon Skunk and Sour Banana Sherbet letting the strain inherit both its parents’ tropical notes and penchant to give its user a deep cerebral high.

Beautiful Light Green Flowers

Lemon Banana Sherbet’s main buds are light and spongey. Each nug possesses a light green hue peppered with an amount of orange hairs.

Smells Like Summer

From breeding Lemon Skunk and Sour Banana Sherbet, Lemon Banana Sherbet’s scent smells slightly like lemonade with a dash of jalapeño. It’s like drinking or eating a spicy and sweet mango lemon salsa.

Feels Like Summer

Smoking Lemon Banana Sherbet not only tastes like summer, it feels like summer as well. After smoking, the user gets a full cerebral high ending in feeling uplifted, energetic, conversational, and takes away the anxiety.

If you’re a little shy and are going to a party, this strain could help you loosen up and chill with people.

Stiff Joints? Celiac Disease? Bloated?

Lemon Banana Sherbet is best smoked when you’re feeling a little bloated. Cannabis, in general, decreases inflammation, but this strain mainly focuses on that. It’s also good to smoke when you’re a little down and a little agitated because it perks up the mood.

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