EX, GH, PR, SG, & TS: What Do They Mean?

Have you ever gone to a dispensary and bought an 8th or a pre-roll marked as, “Trainwreck PR”? Have you ever wondered what “PR” stands for? Or if your budtender already clarified that “PR” stood for Private Reserve but are still wondering what the other types are… Then you’re in luck! Because right now we’re talking about the types of grow and quality you can buy in a physical dispensary or a cannabis delivery service.

Are Cannabis Grown Differently?

The answer is yes. Back in the day, when the planet was young and wild, a lot of these cannabis growers grew their prohibited flowers in open fields. Heard of the term steep hill? Well, these non-licensed cultivators grew them along hidden places like sides of mountains – surrounded by lush greenery – to hide their products from the authorities. When that didn’t work out, they found a way to grow them hydroponically – like strawberries – in their basements or garages.

But now that it’s fully legal, we see others growing them in green houses either using sun grown or hydro techniques – or, perhaps, both.

Are There Different Qualities of Cannabis?

The answer is yes.

If you hear someone on the internet, “I’m not smoking that reggie!” or “It’s all mids anyway” and want to learn about this, I suggest reading this article.

Yes, there are different qualities of cannabis sold in the market and most of the time the reason is rarity and type.

What Do These Labels Mean?



Not to be confused with Exotiks (Berner’s and the Jungle Boys business venture with the same name). An Exotic is a rare, recently crafted, craft marketed, and well-bred cannabis strain. These flowers are usually terp and trichome heavy that come in all sorts of different colors as advertised on their cultivators Instagram pages.

Exotics are a little bit pricey due its craft cannabis status. They’re not as available in the market because they’re grown with care and aren’t as passed around like commercial strains like Blue Dream or GSC (fka Girl Scout Cookies).



Private Reserve is the quality of care given to the cannabis plant. It’s a higher grade than top shelf because conditions and materials used to grow these flowers have been controlled. These plants are grown by experienced growers in a smaller batch.



Outdoor or Sun Grown cannabis is the most natural thing a cannabis plant can experience. A lot of older stoners found in the Emerald Triangle prefer smoking sun grown because it has all the lush irregularities a plant can have. Since its not deprived of its natural habitats the flavors of these cannabis flowers can be more complex.

Usually, a lot of people use Sun Grown weed to make extracts due to flavor.


Jack Herer (GH)+831del

Green House grow is grown in a green house. It follows grow techniques from either hydro or outdoor. But compared to outdoor, there’s more control in terms of environment inside a greenhouse.

These strains can and will have a complex array of flavors since the plants still experience sunlight and a little bit of nature while isolated from the elements.



Top Shelf isn’t a state of mind, it’s a quality. A Top Shelf plant is carefully cultivated so that the cannabis plant can show its full potential. A widely grown cannabis strain like Blue Dream can experience Top Shelf status when and if the growers put more care into their yield.

Top Shelf weed has more flavor, shows more trichomes, and produces white ashes when smoked.

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