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5 Facts About Sunset Sherbet

If GSC (fka Girl Scout Cookies) had an outgoing and bubbly sister, it would be Sunset Sherbet (aka Sherbet). From the breeding garden of Mr. Sherbinski, this wonderful strain has been the talk of the cannabis community ever since its inception. And, without a doubt, it’s worth the discussion because this heavy hitting strain provides a high concentration of terps and boasts wonderful indica-dominant effects.

Sunset Sherbet & Mr. Sherbinski

Mr. Sherbinski is a little bit of an Instagram and cannabis industry maverick. He’s bred and cultivated popular strains loved by old and new cannabis connoisseurs alike. Perhaps, his most popular strain was created when him and Jigga415 decided to cross Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint together to create Gelato.

But before that, Mr. Sherbinski gained popularity for his Sunset Sherbet – which isn’t as heavy as GSC but is as potent.

Beautiful & Complex Genetics

Sunset Sherbet is known to be parented by Mr. Sherbinski’s own Pink Panties. Along with that it shares the two parent strains of GSC – Durban Poison and OG Kush. Then, to add to those genetics is PieGuy420’s very own Cherry Pie.

This makes Sherbet inherit the sweet and cookie-like aroma GSC and Cherry Pie have.

Smells Like Dessert

Sweet and pungent, Sunset Sherbet smells like a very berry pie. It has some notes of lemon and a bit of honey to add to its earthiness. When smoked, the floral notes explode on the tongue – complementing the sweet, berry-like scent of this bud.

Good for hanging out

Sunset Sherbet is a great strain to take if you want to relax. It’s also good to smoke with friends because it leaves the body feeling chill and uplifts the mind by bringing in creativity, euphoria, and an overall happy mood.

Great for pain relief

Often times, people look for strains for pain relief and Sunset Sherbet is one of them. This strain also changes the mood by pulling the mind away from depression and allowing the body to relax, thus relieving insomnia.

But, beware, Sunset Sherbet causes the munchies.

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