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White Fire OG is FIRE!

When White Fire OG (aka WiFi OG) came out, it was the talk of the town. Breeders and cultivators all wanted a piece of this sativa-dominant hybrid because it peaked a whopping 66% in terms of sativa percentage. This strain was bred in the early 00s and seems to take its place as one of those well-known strains that cannabis smokers still look for in dispensaries.

The White and the Fire

White Fire OG was bred by OG Raskal whose popular strains include The White and Alien Kush. When Raskal bred his strains Fire OG and The White the strain came out as White Fire OG.

A classic through and through

The reason why White Fire OG remains popular is because of its high percentage in Sativa as well has a high concentration of THC – 20% as its highest.

There are a lot of phenos that sprang from Wifi OG – most of them turned out as Exotics.

Medical Grade strain

Due to WiFi OG’s high percentages medical cannabis patients love this strain. It’s great for anxiety and depression. A lot of cancer and glaucoma patients prefer to take this strain as well – to reduce the pain from treatment and relax the muscles.

Musty and Earthy

WiFi OG’s smell isn’t as flowery as most strains that came from it. Earthy and pungent – this strain has a slight resemblance to Jack Herer. Either way, there’s some sweetness that pulls through. Although, nobody really cares about what cannabis bud smells when it can front and deliver in terms of effects.

Leaves you feeling relaxed

Wifi OG’s effects are used to treat pain relief. This sativa-dominant hybrid is great for stress release, relaxation. It leaves the cannabis patient feeling uplifted and elated with a dash of creativity.

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Written by Dominique


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