What Are Pre-rolls Good For?

If you’re a seasoned cannabis smoker and dispensary local, your idea of pre-rolled joints are the ones they give out for free. But if you’re new and have visited or ordered from a business that doesn’t stuff your joint with shake – pre-rolls are great.

What are pre-rolls for and why do we love them?

Cheaper Alternative

If the pre-rolls you got are free from your first time visit or order, that means you probably got almost a gram of free weed. If your “new customer” status is over, and you want a cheaper alternative to buying a gram, then pre-rolls are for you. Because sometimes the cheapest grams costs around $12 or more, depending on the strain but their pre-roll alternative is probably a few dollars cheaper.

Getting To Know A Strain

Pre-rolled joints are a great way to discover new strains. If you’re adventurous and want to know different flowers, pre-rolls are a cheaper alternative.

Portable & Easy to Use

If you’re going out or on a trip or to a friend’s party, pre-rolls are easy to carry around and dispose of. Since they’re already pre-rolled, that means there’s no hassle of carrying other paraphernalia with you.

Bowls smell and get dirty while steam-rollers are harder to conceal unless you have a bag or a bigger pocket.

For Sharing With Friends

Pre-rolls are good to share with friends. When you’ve discovered a new strain or are just hanging out in a nearby park – getting high with someone and sharing the experience is the best feeling in the world.

Can’t Roll? It’s Okay

There’s no pressure if you can’t roll a joint. It takes a lot of practice to perfect rolling one and while you’re learning, you can smoke a pre-rolled joint.


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Written by Dominique


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