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Why Gelato Is the Best Strain that Will Ever Bless Your Lungs


There are a lot of incredible exotic strains out there, but none as legendary as Gelato. Also known as Larry Bird, Gelato has a high concentration of THC rendering its user couch locked after a few hits. Novice smokers be warned, this strain is strong, but once acclimatized to it, the effects range from euphoria to easing the body out of worry.

Gelato shares its genetics with GSC

When Mr. Sherbinski and Jigga415 decided to collaborate, they came up with Gelato. This was, for a while, the talk of the cannabis community since GSC (fka Girl Scout Cookies) and Sunset Sherbet had taken to everyone’s palette.

From Mr. Sherbinski was Sunset Sherbet and from Jigga415 was Thin Mint. Both strains carry the OG Kush x Durban Poison pheno that only furthered Gelato’s genetic stability.

Inherited Sunset Sherbet’s cerebral effects

People are often wary of smoking GSC because of its heavy effects. That’s why some gravitate to smoking Sunset Sherbet because it keeps the mind active.

When Thin Mint and Sunset Sherbet were crossed, Gelato kept the euphoric and cerebral properties present in Sunset Sherbet. Perhaps it’s the Durban Poison making its influence known in the strain.

Smells like dirt and Lemons

Gelato smells like a freshly crushed leaf on the finger tips. The aroma of ripe lemons taking over the earthy undertones of the flower after opening the jar or bag.

You don’t even have to bring the bud up your nose to identify the notes. Gelato just announces itself from a distance through its smell and it’s mouthwatering.

A great strain for relaxing

Gelato is a bud meant to be smoked during the night. It’s a full body high with cerebral functionality. Although, the mind might tap into creativity and the conversations might be fluid, this strain relaxes the body and gives the mind a boost of elation while being couch locked.


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Written by Dominique


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