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Joint Rolling Made Easy

There are different ways to smoke flower and different instruments to go with it. But nothing beats learning how to roll your own joint. Yeah, sure, you can always buy a prerolled joint to compensate. But what if there’s only flower? What if, one day, the world ends and nobody’s there to roll a joint for you?

Just kidding!

Rolling your own joint is fun and here are a few joint rolling videos I’ve curated to help you learn how to get your rolling game on point —

Tony Greenhand is a professional joint roller that broke rolling down in a few easy steps.

@Wolfiememes makes it look easy but you can see the technique there.

Seth Rogen, everybody.

There you have it. Different techniques of rolling a joint. Don’t forget to go ahead and try it.

Don’t forget:

  • Paper
  • Tips / Filters
  • A flat surface
  • Flower

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Written by Dominique


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