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Super Silver Haze is Super

An old one but a good one. Super Silver Haze won the High Times Cannabis Cup from 1997 – 1999 and is considered as one of the best sativa strains out in the market. What’s great about Super Silver Haze is that even if it’s a pure sativa, it’s effects are mostly felt throughout the body.

With love, From Green House Seeds

If you’ve been watching a lot of Vice Magazine documentaries concerning cannabis, Green House Seeds probably sounds familiar. These guys, also dubbed as the Kings of Cannabis, are a Dutch seed company partially responsible for introducing new cannabis genetics to the western world. Thanks to their strain-hunting efforts, new and interesting crosses are happening.

Green House Seeds, besides being the flagship brand of the Kings of Cannabis, is also known for giving the planet White Widow – when Arjan and Shantibaba were still working with each other.

Heir to heavy hitting strains

Super Silver Haze is a cross between Northern Lights, Skunk #1, and Haze. Most of Super Silver Haze’s parents were, at their time, carry heavy hitting genetics that were sought after by most cannabis smokers and cultivators.

Leaves the mind at ease and the body at peace

Super Silver Haze is good to take when you’re feeling anxious and a little less creative. Since this strain is a sativa, it makes the mind active and provides a boost of hyper focus. This strain also is a great for pain relief.

Smells like sweet lemony black tea

Sweet, earthy, and lemony – that’s what Super Silver Haze smells like. When smoked, it leaves the tongue a little sour tinge.

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Written by Dominique

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