We Pledged 1% & We Need Help Deciding

The business of tech has continuously been perceived as an industry that runs ‘for-profit’. Wave after wave of innovation has shaped the landscape of the world and with it came the daunting image of technological companies as these vast money-making machines. These companies see the economic disparity brought on by their existence and they believe that it’s time to give back to the community.

1% Pledge is a an organization that grounds conglomerates and budding start-ups to be aware of the communities around them. It encourages companies to make a commitment in assimilating philanthropy in the core of their businesses. The key is knowing which to pledge for – profit, product, equity, or staff time.

At 831 Delivery, we’re also in the business of wellness. We understand, as citizens and as people that exist in a society, what it means to be an individual  existing in a community. Cannabis, right now, is an untapped source of wellness for people. And as a business we want to give back.

We’re asking you – whoever you are – which of our 1% should we donate?


Written by Dominique


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