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The Best Time for “Go Time” Is Now


Go Time is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that stimulates the mood to coerce focus and enjoy the rest of the day by giving the body a certain calmness that preps it for embarking on physical activities.

Like most sativa-dominant hybrids or plain sativa strains, Go Time gives the user an opportunity to enjoy their workout sessions or let go of their anxiety when venturing through the great outdoors.



Jinx Proof Genetics is a strain famous for breeding and cultivating 9 lb Hammer. They also came up with Go Time by crossing Norton and JOG Kush.


This strain smells a little bit like a jalapeño pepper with hints of mint thrown in there. Beyond the earthy notes, it has a certain sweetness to it, almost citrus after a few whiffs. When Go Time is smoked, the spiciness blooms and partially numbs the tongue which is more of a pleasant sensation and not an uncomfortable one.


Go Time is best taken during any hour of any day. But it’s more of a day-time smoke than anything. It’s great to take when feeling bloated, anxious, and antsy. It leaves the user feeling happy, uplifted, focused, and energetic after a few puffs.



Go Time has medium sized to smaller nugs with soft, minimal stems. It’s best smoked with a blunt due to the flavor overpowering the leaf. It’s also great when smoked as is in a bowl or a bong because the terpenes follow through.

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