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That Sour Banana Sherbet You’re Smoking


Sour Banana Sherbet is a heavy hitting hybrid that proves to be a cannabis cultivators favorite. The THC content on these flowers are between 18% to 24%. With its terpene rich buds and high concentration of THC, this strain is popular among concentrate enthusiasts as well as bud smokers.



Crocket Family Farms is best known for breeding Tangie and Strawberry Banana. They bred AJ’s Sour Diesel with Banana Sherbet to get Lemon Banana Sherbet.


Part of why a lot of people love Lemon Banana Sherbet is for the diesel smell. All good effects come when the word or the smell of gas emanates from the bag. Sweetness, perhaps, is one of the underlying factors why this is also attractive. But the earthy scent also reminds the user of other heavy hitting strains that give upliftedness in full blast.


Sour Banana Sherbet is best taken when one is feeling stressed, uneasy, and depressed. After a few puffs relaxation, euphoria, and focus are the prevalent results in smoking this strain.


Sour Banana Sherbet has big, sticky nugs that will cling to your grinder or fingers. The smell, coming from the closed bag, is evident and makes you want to dig in the bag.

Be warned, though, this strain can cause dry eye, dry mouth, and paranoia due to the high concentration of THC. This is not a beginner’s strain, be warned.

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