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Not Quite Blunt but a little Canna-balistic

A few days ago, I was rewatching some MassRoots videos and one of them had Iggy Blaze saying she was trying to veer off the Backwoods. The blunt smoker in me was offended. But I pressed on and I watched the entire video. After that, I tried to get a tobacco leaf for rolling. The result was obvious. I got stoned out of my mind, but my throat didn’t feel any different.

In my research – which was me going to a few smoke shops and trying new things – someone told me that hemp wraps were where its at. I tried one and then it escalated into a few on to me rating a bunch of these papers from tolerable to really great.



Hemp Zone’s wraps are a little bit dry. But, for one, they’re affordable and easy to roll with. There’s a little funky taste to them, but all in all, these are pretty good and durable wraps to house huge wads of ground up weed.


Twisted Hemp comes close. The wraps were a little fragile but it had the same effects as the Hemp Zone wrap. The taste of the bud showed through and it wasn’t a difficult smoke. It burned well and there was no boating.


Cannawraps could have been my #1 but, it also tore. I didn’t mind, though. For some reason the papers were a little difficult to roll because they had a sticky side that you can lick — like normal rolling papers. Either way, these are great.


Juicy Jays, Raw Paper, etc. there’s no paper made like how Josh (Raw Paper CEO and rolling paper enthusiast) would make a paper. These are durable, smokes nice, and just an over all great product.


High Hemp is, in fact, one of the best tasting wraps I’ve ever had. For what it was, it felt natural and the flavor of the wrap didn’t feel artificial. My tastebuds could actually recognize the terps from the green house grow I was smoking and this was rare. I actually enjoyed it.

Bonus points for having filters included in the pack.

I enjoy hemp papers. I enjoy them way too much. They’re easier to smoke and the thought of using it to wrap my bud is similar to drinking a root beer float. It’s repetitive but it’s damn good.

I wouldn’t replace my Backwoods and Swishers for these, but I would use hemp wraps as often as I can when I’m feeling a little healthy. They are, in fact, a healthier alternative to these tobacco wraps and they’re sustainable as well.

Most hemp wraps are vegan, sustainably made, and environmentally friendly. The taste and flavor of the buds show through even if most of them are flavored and they’re not harsh on the throat.

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