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So Sweet Like Pink Lemonade Crumble

Lemonade or Pink Lemonade, in one form, had a way of etching itself in your childhood. For me, I wasn’t a big fan of lemons or anything citrusy because I preferred the delicate crisp of pears, sugarplums, and peaches. Canned peaches were my favorite. But somehow pink lemonade always snuck its way in there. Be eat eating a corndog in the periphery of Disneyland or just a double-double at In-n-Out — pink lemonade was kind of a staple.

When I first started smoking cannabis, I didn’t know there were strains. As I grew older, I found out that I was a big fan of Black Domina – a peppery, earthy girl that gave me the good night’s sleep. From then on, I tried my best to cultivate my pallet and it all came down to the fruity strains.

One of my favorites was Pink Lemonade — sativa-dominant hybrid with a citrusy sweet flavor. I loved it so much that I kept smoking it every time it was available. I was a huge fan of flowers, until I discovered that I didn’t dislike concentrates that much.


Pink Lemonade crumble has an intense lemonade tone, having its terps concentrated for that maximum flavor. It’s not as overpowering as a juice concentrate, but it does taste a little herbal. It’s like somebody put a few mint leaves in my drink.

The high is beautiful. I only needed two hits and I was done. I was able to focus on my tasks and managed to ignore that pull of laziness that usually surrounds me. After doing my chores, I still felt that focused and happy feeling but was able to fully relax and stay put.

I watched The VVitch on Netflix and played FallOut New Vegas for a few hours before realizing that I wasn’t high anymore. Yes. This concentrated strain doesn’t make you crash. The high is immediate and when it fades? It fades graciously.

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Written by Dominique


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