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Your Body and Mind on Terps

“TERPS.” When I was new to smoking cannabis, that word always kept coming up. I did a google search and a ton of articles popped up. Most of them expounded on and defined on —

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To doing an in-depth scientific guide on classification of a sub-classification of what terpenes or terpenoids do —

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To how terpenes affect the human body —

How Terpenes Interact with Humans

There are more than 200 different terpenes currently identified and each of them can impact the human body in a unique way. More specifically, they target different neurotransmitters and receptors within the body. The terpenes present in marijuana are frequently researched and thus more information regarding their interaction with the body is present. However, those same terpenes are present in other plants as well, which means you don’t have to live in a state where cannabis is legal in order to experience the benefits that they offer. Some of those terpenes include alpha-pinenemyrcene, and limonene.

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Leafly cannabis terpene wheel infographic
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Nonetheless, terpenes, where they’re in cannabis or just food play an integral part in our body’s function. It’s interesting to note that these sensory triggers are mostly studied and discussed in relation to cannabis when it’s an interesting idea of how flavors affect the human body.

Some people have actually used cannabis terpenes on themselves to see results —

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There isn’t really a well versed study of terpenes due to prohibition or lack of interest by experts on the field. Perhaps people who want to focus on flavors extracted from cannabis will eventually figure this out. For now, we’re on our own. 

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