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Surfin’ the Wave with Lemon Tree Bubble Hash

Before I started working with weed, I always thought that bubble hash was some sort of kief. I used to just sprinkle it in my joints and I was happy with how things turned out. Apparently, bubble has was a dab-friendly creature & it’s only been a few months since I enjoyed it to its full potential.

Lemon Tree is an Instagram famous strain from Santa Cruz. It’s one of those brands and strains you have to try before you die.


As a flower, Lemon Tree delivers a flavorful bitter lemon taste that’s reminiscent of when you drink a mint and lemon infused black tea. As a concentrate, the taste is more tangy with hints of sweetness.

I used my boyfriend’s standard dab rig with a Stok R Mega Series torch and I was amazed because a new spectrum of flavor unfurled as I took that first hit.

The calming effects were felt immediately. I was stoned on the second hit and my mouth was filled with bursts of lemon and black tea with some hints of minty sweetness. I wanted to cry from happiness on third inhale.


This bubble hash Lemon Tree strain had left me house bound for the entire day. I cooked an entire tray of vegan lasagna and ate it all in one day while binge watching Silicon Valley on HBO Now.

Want to get this strain? Head on over to Or call 888-575-1323 TO SPEAK TO A VIRTUAL BUDTENDER!

Written by Dominique


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