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That Tasty Maui Wawie Sauce

I’ve heard about Maui Wowie from my dad. He spoke about it like how he’d speak about all the bands he’s watched when he was a young man. Dad Rock talk, geeking out about guitar gear, and cannabis nostalgia — those were some of the good memories I’ve shared with my father.

I’ve loved Maui Wowie ever since I tried it. It was a random surf trip to Hawaii, of all places, and I didn’t know what it was but I soon found out that it was a pure sativa heirloom strain.

As bud, when smoked Maui Waui is a stress reliever that gives the user a pure cerebral high. As concentrate, the effects are purer and amps up that energy to the maximum.



I dabbed Maui Wowie in my Puffco dab rig. I took a tiny slather and reluctantly watched it sizzle on my rig’s piece before inhaling it. Result? I was energized and focused for hours.

The stress, anxiety, and legitimate will to not exercise all disappeared. Yes, this strain is good to take when you’re about to do yoga or just run around. It’s a motivator.

Taste-wise, it’s as tropical as it gets. The smell is fantastic and fruity — like Jollibee’s Peach Mango Pie or a mango infused juice in one of those juice bars.


Physically, the Maui Wowie sauce looks like a peach-mango puree. Smell wise it is fruity, sweet, and over all tropical.

Want to get this concentrate? Head on over to Or call 888-575-1323 TO SPEAK TO A VIRTUAL BUDTENDER!

Written by Dominique


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