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Emerald Cup 2018 At A Glance

Where do I begin? 

I wasn’t supposed to go to the Emerald Cup but my partner surprised me with tickets. I wasn’t prepared for anything, not in pictures, because my phone wasn’t charged and my attention was elsewhere.

Although, what better way to celebrate the Emerald Cup 2018? Through the collective experience of others, of course! But first, if you’re curious about who the winners are for this year’s cup, Leafly has the scoop —

The world’s Academy Awards of cannabis—The Emerald Cup 2018—concluded near San Francisco, CA, sunday afternoon. Now begins your chance to scoop up the state’s most award-winning buds all through the holiday.

from Emerald Cup 2018 Winners and Where to Buy Them by David Downs

Now, the highlight for the entire event in pictures —


@jayandsilentbob & @ngaio420

I wasn’t prepared to see Jay and Silent Bob talk but it was amazing. Ngaio was also amazing. If you watch anything weed related, these guys are everywhere and I was happy to see them in person.


I’m the type of person to just book it and watch a Gogol Bordello concert. But marijuana + Gogol Bordello? Yes please.

Saturday was pretty packed but was lacking in excitement because of the bad weather and our inability to sample things anymore. Thanks Prop 64. Although, I’m not complaining. Since Prop 64 marijuana has been cleaner and tastier as well as an improvement in the environment.

I spent the entire Saturday wandering the tents instead of purchasing anything.

It was fun. I was exhausted. I was ready for the next day!


We came early on Sunday. We wanted to buy as much weed as possible. Although, according to the lady at @runntz we were only allowed to purchase 28 g per tent. Thanks Prop 64. According to the owner of @831organikflowerz you can’t even buy ounces anymore. I found myself in the Flow Kana & Cookies / Connected Cannabis Co. tent. It had a lot of brands that I was familiar with in there. One booth that was really interesting, though, was the Willie Nelson one. It acted like a collective. What I loved about that booth they shared with Flow Kana was that the farmers and farms were featured and you can interact with the growers and the marijuana.

After that we moved to the Cookies tent which was full of brands like Runtz, Lemonnade, Zkittlez, Elyon Cannabis, The Flower Co., Golden State Banana, Field, etc. (Most of these brands I know from Instagram and some of them I’ve tried and have to say have quality cannabis.)

Edible brands like Select, Moon Bars, Mallows, and Emerald Sky were there as well.

Moving on to the bigger tent were brands like IC Collective, Fig Farms, Str8Organiks, Alien Genetics, Alien Labs, Lemon Tree, etc. — these brands are also IG famous and some of them I’ve tried and some of them I’m about to try. These brands, like the one in the Cookies tent, boast high THC yields and exotics.

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Looking to make a last minute trip out to Cali for @theemeraldcup and need a little assistance with a ride from San Fran. If you’re in the area and are cool with me tagging along I’ve got your event ticket and a parking pass for ya. This would also be a really good time to lock in any commission projects as it will go towards funding this adventure👊🏼🌳🔥💭 – – Send me a DM if you’ve got room for one more or any suggestions that might help, appreciate you helping make this happen🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 – – #emeraldcup2018 #california #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #420 #710 #stonersociety #plantsoverpills #weedstagram420 #marijuanamovement #marijuana #puffpass #weshouldsmoke #smokeweedeveryday #kush #cannabisart #successfulstoner #potheadsociety #stonersociety #callitcannabis

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Out of all of this excitement, I find that my favorite person and booth would be @cannabisapes because of his creativity with weed. According to him he smokes the bud after making the art and I like that.

Civilized was also there as the main media people. I love watching their content and I never knew that they’d be there.

I learned a lot from The Emerald Cup 2018. I discovered that I still like concerts and festivals. I never knew I would enjoy lectures and symposiums outside of college. I also discovered that stoners, no matter who they may be, promote love and wellness all around.

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Image from The Emerald Cup

Written by Dominique


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