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Aloha from Aloha Humboldt


Look. I haven’t done a product review from companies outside of my own, so this is a little strange for me.


Aloha Humboldt is a family run farm found in northern Humboldt. Like most farms from the Emerald Triangle, they boast that their marijuana is grown in perfect conditions.

Aloha Humboldt was sired in 2002 where they were growing indoor cannabis. Afterwards, in 2009, they moved from the coast to inland Humboldt where they switched to outdoor / sun grown cannabis.


I acquired a sample of their pre-rolled joints from my boss at the Emerald Cup. I was given two samples that had an S and P.

S stands for Sour Diesel (Sativa) — a classic & favorite of mine. P for Pineapple Skunk (Indica) — a new favorite of mine.


What I like about Sour Diesel is its familiarity. I started young and most of the reggies I’ve smoked were, in some form, Sour Ds. What’s great about this strain is how uplifting it is. It takes laziness off the body and replaces it with drive and happiness.

Hydro marijuana is focused on THC % and attributes Sour Diesel boasts as a heavy hitting sativa. The difference between non-outdoor grows is that sun grown actually gives you a range of flavor.

What’s great about Aloha Humboldt is just exactly why sun grown is great. It’s flavor is complex. The high doesn’t register as a heaving hitting one, which I love, but gradually takesĀ  you there without second guessing that you are on the verge of full mental euphoria.

What’s great about this joint is that it hits smoothly. I didn’t cough and, personally, I love that about plants that don’t make me cough. Now, my only problem with this is which collective can I buy it from.


I usually have a problem with Skunks, Cat Piss, and Chem Dawgs. They burn my tongue and throat which isn’t really a quality in weed that I’m fond of. But, what I can say is that the deep citrusy, berry like pineapple aroma of this strain draws me to it.

I’ve never had anything pineapple before, not in flower. The first Pineapple I’ve ever had was from Seasonal Harvest Co. and it was a shatter. Good times, from someone who really didn’t prefer dabbing.

What I loved about Aloha Humboldt’s Pineapple Skunk, though, was its taste pre-smoking and its effects. I liked the idea of coming down with a rested body which rests my mind.

Lately, I’ve been having trouble finding peaceful sleep with all the cough medication I’ve been taking. Pineapple Skunk helped me a lot with calming down. As well as reducing my pain related inflammation from my Celiac Disease.


Aloha Humboldt brand themselves as a modern family run grow operation that resides in Humboldt County. Their logo is chic and the colors of their website and packaging are simple and cool on the eyes, which I love.

Sometimes fun packaging is great but it gets a little overwhelming. Whoever designed Aloha Humboldt’s packaging is geared towards a more simplistic, wellness focused but young audience. I like it. It works for me. Like how I like OldPal’s or Papa & Barkley’s aesthetic. The brand knows what it wants and it says it clear through the UI of their website.


I would love to buy their products again. This time I want to interact with the buds themselves.

The good thing about them is that they tell you where to buy their flowers. I like that in a company. It shows who they cater to — the customer.

Written by Dominique


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