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Easy to Smoke Minijoints — Dogwalkers



We’re Carolyn and Sam, a team of two… well we’ll say four, including our pups.  Founded in 2015, our Dog Walkers mini joints are an idea birthed from the fact that  people like a pre-roll but everyone LOVES a mini-joint.  A mini is just enough for a few puffs or a stroll around the block. Get outside. Go for a dog walk.
It’s that simple.


Dog Walkers Mini Joints are easy to use, easy to dispose of. I feel like, as a consumer, this is a way of microdosing. These small joints are small enough to get you going throughout the day but not too much so they’ll be excess.

Who likes a stale joint, right?

These mini joints may come into the 831 Delivery menu.

What do you think?

Written by Dominique


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