Community Building With Lyfted


It all started with a tree, or should I say TREES, no pun intended. What followed was a call to action with the intent of getting local cannabis companies we work with in our brand new workspace to celebrate the holidays at our humble new office space.

We wanted it to be a neighborly local get together. We wanted the flourishes to be simple yet meaning in the most literal sense. Our teams from Lyfted Software & Logistics & 831 Delivery, aimed for other companies to collaborate with us. Without hesitation Camp Green USA responded and helped out with the decorations.


Bloom Farms, Mountain Remedy, and Ganja Gold followed, without hesitation, and aimed to make this possible. The owner of the property helped out as well. And we’re thankful for that.


We got our neighbors, Carrie Dove Catering, to fix the mingling space up.


They also did a wonderful job with the presentation of the food. Like most people say, “The first thing that eats are the eyes –” and it was an appetite inducing sight.


After everything had been set up, the guests started piling in. Together with our neighbors;  831 Delivery, Lyfted Logistics, & Camp Green — we built our stoner-themed giveaway bags.


Our guests from all over the complex were curious about what was inside the bags and once they found out, they were amused at what was inside. What’s inside? It’s a secret.


Nonetheless, everybody mingled. Strangers turning into new friends. All celebrating a part of their holiday with food and conversation.


As the night pressed on, the venue took more people in. Cannabis businesses, tech, or a mix of both. Guests and tenants arrived, excited to get to know each other.


Cannabis Community members from Harvest SF, Greenline Delivery, Gold Coast Distribution, MG Retailers, Flow Kana, Willies Reserve, Eaze, and others came. There were too many to name! But it was an exciting feeling trying to get them to get the gift bags and getting to know their names.


The night ended with a bang, I think. People seemed glad get to know each other. People seemed to be really happy about getting to know a part of what coworking & collaboration in cannabis looks like.


Building a sense of community. Being in harmony with each other. Creating a sense of family.

And that is how celebrating the Holidays at Embarcadero Cove is like.

Happy Holidays everybody!


Written by Dominique


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