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The Highest of Quality and Variety — Monterey Kush Co.


Monterey produces only all-natural cannabis products. Our pre-rolls are a blend of some of the most popular strains in the industry. The 25 count keepsake boxes can be sold as a unit or the pre-rolls can be displayed and sold individually. Each box contains either 25 Indica Blend or 25 Sativa Blend one gram pre-rolls.


I’m not going to discount that Monterey Kush Co. has a huge selection of cannabis. There are more strains in prerolls, I promise. But their cannabis is fresh, well packaged, and have very distinct labeling for every strain.

All of their flowers are in jars and the nugs boast for being terpene rich, fragrant, and gassy when slightly pinched. I enjoyed smelling the Banana Cream the most.

Monterey Kush is coming soon in the 831 Delivery menu.

Written by Dominique


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