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Marijuana Health Store Moment With Leef



We find potency and purity in the confines of an organic/non-GMO foundation. Sun grown and rooted in California our licensed, organic farms sprawl the lush mountains of northern California. We’re soil science nerds, and we believe premium product comes from the soil up. We believe the best fertilizer is a farmer’s footsteps.

Our unconventional process of refinement is second to none. Our single origin harvests are the cleanest form of CBD and THC extract possible. We do NOT add any chemicals, over-heat, or strip the plant as with other common extraction methods.


NOOKS+CRANNIES CBD Soap. Out of all the interviews, I was interested in this one because of the soap. It’s like finding out that 831 Extractions actually carries cannabis infused punch powder or gelatin. What? I know right? I feel like companies should have at least one interesting product as a wild card. Usually, those wild cards are what gets us. I know it got me.


REVIVE CBD Balm. Smells like cocoa butter or chocolate. Depends on your nose. I had a grand time smelling this.CLEEF_Cart

THE CARTRIDGE is LEEF’s way of showing its customers that they too can be vaped.

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Flowers. Who doesn’t love flowers? All of these smell lemony and fresh. To the touch they’re soft and a little crunchy. I love the packaging too.

Somehow LEEF got me with their simple and chic packaging. I like how they use muted colors in their design and branding. It actually feels like you’re going through an array of products somewhere in Valencia St., SF.

LEEF is coming soon to 831 Delivery‘s menu.

Written by Dominique


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