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Some Potency Myths You Might Have Heard About

There are fundamental myths that surround smoking cannabis. 1) In order for someone to have a good time, smoking higher contents of THC is great 2) The amount orange hairs (stigma) equates to the bud’s potency —

Myths are myths for a reason and this is why it’s a necessary to find truth.


Alcohol and marijuana are two different entities. People still treat it like that — most especially the law enforcers. A person driving high is different from a person driving drunk. Still, we associate substances with each other.

When someone smokes an 8th in one hour doesn’t mean anything. They have money to burn. That’s great. It doesn’t equate to downing a 40 in one go, though.

Like anyone delving into consuming high potency products, there are consequences to this action. You drink too much and too fast you end up in the hospital. You overdose on painkillers your body shuts down and you get overdosed. With weed?

Smoking high THC flowers or extracts means the mind’s state will alter. This results into paranoia and other psychosis during the time of consumption.


No. Potent bud is potent because it was bred and cultivated the right way. The orange hairs on the plant are only there for reproduction.

The nugs might look aesthetically pleasing due to color variance — but the truth is they don’t bring anything to table for us humans.

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