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Flu? Medicate With These Lozenges


It’s a sad climb to recovery. But I understand that these winter months are mainly where sickness thrives. I got my shot, mind you, but I’m still sick because somebody managed to sneeze at me in the BART. Or was it a co-ridesharer?

I believe that every body should have a niche product. 831 Delivery seems to have three of those — one is in the form of medicated lozenges called, Shatter Chips, the other being medicated juice mixes called Pitcher of Chill, and Bowl of THC Jello. Yes, gelatin.

Since I’m not a fan of edibles but was sick, I managed to get my hands on these lozenges.

My verdict? Pretty bomb. They contain 25 mg of THC per chip and tastes like candy. They’re the same kind of good as Ricola but with fruitier flavors.

Cherry is the best, in my opinion. I’m basic. Kiwi Strawberry is great too because it has that unique zesty berry flavor. Watermelon is kind of mild. And I have yet to try everything else.

My cold didn’t disappear. But these lozenges are a great way to ignore them while grinding through a work day or work night.

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Written by Dominique


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