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What’s Kush, OG, or Diesel?

Interesting enough, there’s a hybrid strain called OG DIESEL KUSH existing in the market. Even if this particular strain contains all the characteristics and names of the 3 specific kinds of strains, they are all different from one another.

Kush, OG, and Diesel all come from specific places and are, in time, grown a different way. Each strain that possesses each of the following names have history and characteristics specific to where they grew and were popularized.



Kush strains come from the Hindu Kush mountains within the region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. These particular strains are considered landrace because they’ve existed within that region for a long period of time and have developed specific mutations that allow the marijuana plant to exist within that area.

Kush strains often smell sweet, spicy, and earthy while tasting sweet and a little bitter. The attributes of the strains that have these names have a heavy sedative effect. Most Kush strains are indica and have a forest green color with darker, thicker bronze pistils.


Diesel strains are mostly sativa and are found in the East Coast of the United States. New Yorkers, in particular love these kinds of strains.

Diesel strains mostly have a pungent diesel aroma. When crushed between the fingers it leaves off a gassy smell that has hints of citrus and woodsy. Nugs differ in color from thick emerald green to a darker hue with bright orange pistils.

Diesels often make the user feel uplifted and happy leaning towards a more traditional sativa effect.


There’s much to say about OG. From it being known as Ocean Grown to the original gangster of cannabis. According to myth Cypress Hill & The Grateful Dead have mentioned this OG strain in their songs. But what is OG?

OG Kush is a California favorite. It’s mostly an indica heavy strain focused on keeping the body heavy but the mind clear. Most OG strains smell woodsy and fruity providing the user with a lot of gas.

The buds range from forest green with amber pistils to a slight tinge of blue or purple.

Most of these OG, KUSH, & DIESEL strains are the parent strains of a lot of popular exotics and top shelf strains selling out in dispensaries.

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