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It’s Tricky But it’s Blue Dream

I GET IT — it’s good to hate on Blue Dream because it isn’t 2015 anymore. It’s that popular strain from “Colorado” that was cultivated as a medical grade cannabis flower from Santa Cruz, CA.

If you’re smoking a dull, light strain that give you a little bit of head change, then, I guess that’s the Blue Dream you know. But the real Blue Dream is the opposite of that. And I’ve been looking. I’ve been looking for a source on where I can buy it and the closest I’ve gotten to it was 831 Delivery.

But to the people that don’t live in the East Bay here’s a wonderful article from Leafly —

Go ahead and try and shame us, but we like Blue Dream. This blockbuster cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry and the elemental sativa Haze is the 50/50 daytime hybrid we need in our lives.

So what if it’s too popular? We don’t stop liking things just because others embrace our tastes.

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Written by Dominique


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