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I Dream Of Dope Packaging


Mammoth Distribution is licensed to sell to both medicinal and adult use retailers pursuant to Bureau of Cannabis Control ยง 5029 paragraph (B)(1). Prior to July 1st, 2018, when this transition ends, Mammoth will have its adult use distribution license in addition to the medicinal license which is already possessed.

It’s a beautiful B2B (business to business) thing when two distributors collide. Some might say it’s a little bit much but when it comes to getting product and trying new brands nothing is an excess. That’s what good businesses do: keep the inventories full and keep their customers happy.

And I’ve been a customer. I’m always a customer and, my god, when things go right and I get the brands I want to try I will post it on social media and / or maybe even make an extensive review of the experience.

I’ve had Heavy Hitters before and they’re one of the only oils I will vape. My top 1 is Butter Brand’s vape cartridge but I don’t know if that’s still a thing. But I’m picky. And it seems like 831 Delivery’s menu is about to make me happier.

What else makes me happy? Boxes. I haven’t had any of the other products like Give, Rad, Ash & Ember yet… but I’m about to. They’re coming soon!

People in the Bay Area are about to as well because it’s so easy to find us. Just go to:

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