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Things Christians Should Know About Marijuana

The evangelical Christian group is one of the many that have been very vocal against weed. Raised as a Christian as well, I understand the negative image that is portrayed about cannabis. It is one of the most evil drugs you can ever use. As people become more and more aware of the composition and health benefits of weedit has become more popular than ever. With more states legalizing marijuana and more politicians supporting these effortsit is time that Christians also learn more about the marijuana.

It is Just a Plant

Christians believe that all thingsanimals and plants were created by the Almighty God. Unlike other laboratory drugs, weed is a plant that grows as naturally as others. There is an increasingly widening gap between what is legal and what is right. With the numerous medical research on marijuana, there has been no conclusive evidence that it is a harmful drug. In fact, it has been linked to many health benefits most of which are being used to date. Also, recreational marijuana has been legalized to adults only.

It is a Wonderful Medication

Some Cannabinoids have shown great potential and success in medicine. CBD has been proven to treat numerous psychiatric and seizure disorders. It has also been proven that CBD plays a key role in preventing psychosis-like symptoms experienced when consuming THC. For this reasonhigh-CBD marijuana is vital for the medical world. 

Christians Can also Support Legalization

According to the morality principle referred to as tolerance of evilChristians should ask themselves the question whether the prohibition of marijuana use is worse than legalization or decriminalization. Medical marijuana has numerous advantages according to research and even if its recreational use is deemed evil, that alone cannot decide what the law should be.

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