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Solved: Top Myths and Misconceptions About Medical Marijuana

For many years, Cannabis has been associated with negative effects and has even been grouped with hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. This brew stigmatization, that resulted in many myths and misconceptions about the use and effects of cannabis. For those who are new to cannabis or curious about the medical effects, this article will help clarify any doubts and provide more insight and truth about medical marijuana.

It is Dangerous and Deadly

Many people, especially those who are new to marijuana have this perception that it is a dangerous drug. However, unlike many other drugs such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine and the likes, there has never been a single confirmed death from a marijuana overdose in the history of the world. This myth is only supported by lifestyle dangers such as cartel violence, dealing, and trafficking that is associated with the drug. If you keep away from these, you’re safe! It’s clear that anything is always dangerous when consumed in excessive amounts. In fact, you could even die from drinking too much water!

It Makes You Lazy and Stupid

This is a misconception that has further been accelerated by film and media. Marijuana is depicted as a drug used by lazy, uneducated and unemployed people who have lost all hope in life. This is, however, not the case in the real world. There are highly educated, successful and hardworking people out there who do not let marijuana define their success or failure. Some users may be lazy by nature and thus depict the lazy hippie stereotype notion.

It is a Gateway Drug

This is something that we have heard from as early as our elementary school days. It is a phrase that was used by parents to depict the slippery slope that commences with innocent pot smoking and ends with a mental institution or injecting heroin between toes. Though there is a slight correlation between marijuana and other drugs, it is important to understand that correlation does not equal causation. Actually, there has been no conclusive evidence to support the gateway drug theory.

It Causes Lung Cancer

All types of smoking are bad for the lungs. However, there has been no conclusive evidence that links medical marijuana and lung cancer. In fact, marijuana could actually offer some protective benefits. If you still want to be cautious about this, there are numerous ways in which you can consume cannabis.

Leads to Psychological Disorders

This is a notion that has been there for many years. Excessive use of marijuana can sometimes aggravate pre-existing psychological disorder. However, consuming medical marijuana does not affect the psyche in any way. Actually, cannabis has been shown to stabilize the mood according to studies. Regular cannabis users are less depressed compared to non-users.

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