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Rapper Weed

“You ain’t gotta hold it too long

This is rapper weed

Couple hits is all you gonna need”

– Wont Land, Wiz Khalifa


In the time of commercialized marijuana and much demand for brands – rapper weed is everything. Lyricists like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dog, 2Chainz, etc. have found their bearings talking and preaching about the goodness of cannabis while slugging out the strains they smoke. Rappers like Berner, the founder of Cookie Co. and investor to Weedmaps, might have something to do with this hype.

Why would someone let good bud just sit there and never be known?

Rapper Weed comes from good marketing. Good marketed weed comes from good grow. Once those rappers get ahold of premium quality cannabis and they know the name, it’s all uphill from there.

Good weed is good weed and sometimes the good weed with the brands end up in a rapper’s hands and that, my friends, is the start of a beautiful partnership.

Written by Dominique


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