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Feelin’ the Lobo Cannagars

When it comes to marijuana, let’s just say I’m a connoisseur of the finer things in life. I love the idea of trying new things because it lets me experience a particular kind of high. This particular high checks off on 1) retail therapy high and 2) a literal kind of high… or stoned. Whichever you prefer.

Now, when Lobo Cannagars came into my life I have to say I was not prepared. The idea was genius and the packaging was beautiful.


Each blunt is beautifully crafted and staged in a glass tube. Each cannagar is sauced up with a generous amount of cannabis in carefully rolled blunts.

There’s also the WolfPack, a set of 5 sauced up joints rolled and served inside a beautifully designed box.

How does the box smell? Heaven. Well, more like a tropical vacation. The sun’s rays beating down on your skin while drinking a pineapple orange slushie — something to that effect.

Among Lobo Cannagar’s products are cannabis leaf wrapped cannabis made to look like cigars. My mom commented, “That’s a bit much, Dominique!” My reply? “Mother. We both know I’m extra when I want to be.”

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Either way, the blend of flavor from the leaf with the cannabis inside made me feel like I was smoking a really good salad.

Would I smoke these again? Yes. I prefer them to blunts since I’m trying to stop smoking blunts. I mean, I’ll still smoke blunts on my birthday. But I think I’ll get the Lobo Cannagars instead because they actually are tasty.

My verdict? Lobo Cannagars are a very good premium product. The price is perfect for the experience.


Written by Dominique


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