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    Lyfted is Expanding to LA

    I know that’s the plan. It’s been a long time coming and we’re going back to Los Angeles, CA – full force with gold encrusted blunts and all. The space is called Paragon and it’s this multifunctional company that helps cannabis brands regarding marketing, PR, events, etc. Although, it’s also an office space dedicated to […] More

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    USPS Advisory on Hemp

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is in charge of creating and implementing general regulations for hemp—instead of the Justice Department, which formerly oversaw enforcement against the crop—but it’s not clear when those rules will be formalized. Lawmakers and stakeholders have pressured the department to get the ball rolling, and it held a listening session last week to gather […] More

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    Netflix Movies to Watch on VDay

    Whether you’re a stoner or not, it’s interesting to note that movie night shouldn’t be skipped. Since this is a blunt and bae kind of affair, strange and interesting movies should be watched because it calls for good conversation. RUSSIAN DOLL One Strange Rock Logan’s Run HER   And whatever state you’re in (single, taken, […] More

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    Rapper Weed

    “You ain’t gotta hold it too long This is rapper weed Couple hits is all you gonna need” – Wont Land, Wiz Khalifa   In the time of commercialized marijuana and much demand for brands – rapper weed is everything. Lyricists like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dog, 2Chainz, etc. have found their bearings talking and preaching […] More

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    Fake Vape Carts Flood Black Market

    Counterfeit vape cartridges are flooding the black market. As an answer to the booming legal cannabis industry vape brands are gaining traction from cannabis users. Upon the demand for supply and better prices counterfeits from these brands are flooding the black market due to China’s supply of reproduced packages from Heavy Hitters, Brassknuckles, etc. – […] More

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    Hemp Oil v. CBD Oil

    With the rise of cannabis’ popularity, a range of products are popping in the market. As the hemp industry begins to thrive, CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are gaining popularity. Although, they come from the same plant, what’s the difference between the two? HEMP OIL Hemp oil is a substance that can be isolated and […] More

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