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    Solved: Top Myths and Misconceptions About Medical Marijuana

    For many years, Cannabis has been associated with negative effects and has even been grouped with hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. This brew stigmatization, that resulted in many myths and misconceptions about the use and effects of cannabis. For those who are new to cannabis or curious about the medical effects, this article will help clarify any doubts and provide more insight and truth about medical marijuana. It is Dangerous and Deadly Many people, especially those who are new to marijuana have this perception that it is a dangerous drug. However, unlike many other drugs such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine and the likes, there has never been […] More

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    Things Christians Should Know About Marijuana

    The evangelical Christian group is one of the many that have been very vocal against weed. Raised as a Christian as well, I understand the negative image that is portrayed about cannabis. It is one of the most evil drugs you can ever use. As people become more and more aware of the composition and health benefits of weed, it has become more popular than ever. With more states legalizing marijuana and more politicians supporting these efforts, it is time that Christians also learn more about the marijuana. It is Just a Plant Christians believe that all things, animals and plants were created by the Almighty God. Unlike other […] More

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    Starting a Cannabis Business? Follow These 4 Golden Tips

    It is mind-boggling to think of how far the cannabis industry has come in just a few years. Ten years ago, the concept of medical and legal recreational marijuana was a taboo and a pipe dream to many youngsters. Fast forward, we’re now in an era where a lucrative weed market is growing at a fast rate. So far many states in America have already legalized medical and recreational marijuana, and the trend is fast being picked by others. If you’re planning to jump into this bandwagon, there is a great potential […] More

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    The Top 4 Emerging Trends In The Cannabis Industry

    Last year, 2018 was a landmark for the marijuana industry as the two main legal adult-use markets for cannabis opened in the world. These are Canada and California. This has seen the cannabis industry explode and mature to a solid industry to reckon with. However, being relatively young, there are still some federal and legal prohibitions facing the industry. Despite being in its infancy, there are still some significant emerging trends that signal the patterns projecting the future of the industry. Cannabis Consumers are Valuing variety According to the […] More