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    How CA Marijuana Consumer Taxes Work

    CALIFORNIA, 2018. The cannabis community rejoiced at turn of January 1st. Prop 64 was finally official, and it was about time California joined the ranks of recreational states like Washington and Colorado. It took time for the state to reach recreational status, but we finally got there. A few weeks into recreational cannabis sales, smaller […] More

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    What Are Pre-rolls Good For?

    If you’re a seasoned cannabis smoker and dispensary local, your idea of pre-rolled joints are the ones they give out for free. But if you’re new and have visited or ordered from a business that doesn’t stuff your joint with shake – pre-rolls are great. What are pre-rolls for and why do we love them? […] More

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    Strain Types – Sativa, Hybrid, Indica

    A Quick Guide to Strain Types When you’re new to smoking legal cannabis, marijuana menus can often be confusing. Budtenders often take care of that discrepancy by guiding and suggesting what’s good for the new patient. But when it comes to buying cannabis online, it can be a little bit difficult. There’s a lot of […] More

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    Who and What is Jack Herer?

    Sativa strains, like light roast coffees, only have a few notable strains. Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Lambs Bread, and Super Silver Haze. Like the strain’s namesake, Jack Herer was also a notable activist and author of the book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. Dubbed as “The Emperor of Hemp”, Jack Herer fought for the legalization […] More

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    5 Facts About Platinum GSC

    Like America’s favorite seasonal cookies, Girl Scout Cookies —  the GSC family boasts some notable strains from its phenotype. From Pink Cookies (aka Birthday Cake) to Thin Mint GSC to Berner’s Cookies, each pheno wowed us with their flavorful terps and THC content. One such delicious GSC evolution is Platinum GSC. Platinum GSC (fka Platinum […] More