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    Consumer: Women & Cannabis

    In an article by Forbes women spend about  “150 Billion” annually on consumer products. Studies made about the alcohol industry claim that most alcohol and alcohol based products are marketed towards women in their early 20’s. Nonetheless, what’s the Cannabis Industry up to? And how are they marketing their products towards women? In a random […] More

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    What marijuana does to your sex life

    So even though marijuana probably makes it harder to ejaculate and makes it harder for sperm to reach the egg, those birthrate-lowering effects are negated by fewer people using protection while they’re high. (Other studies have found the same link between consuming marijuana and not using contraception.) It’s important to do this research so we know […] More

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    Smoking Weed Early Isn’t Related to Bad Behavior

    Using cannabis doesn’t equate to behavioral problem. Studies show that using cannabis at a young age doesn’t cause a bad attitude. Studies conducted by several universities and the Children’s hospital show that smoking cannabis at a young age isn’t synonymous to having behavioral problems. According to experts,  “Our results suggest that this will increase risks […] More

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    Elon Musk Smokes Weed & Space Ex Pays

    NASA calls for a survey of Boeing and SpaceX after Elon Musk caught smoking marijuana. According to the Washington Post, NASA was unhappy about Musk’s casual behavior during a Joe Rogan podcast.  A ‘safety review” of operations and culture will be conducted for both Boeing and SpaceX due to this matter. – NEWSWEEK Want to […] More

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    Feds are willing to hire professional joint rollers.

    Feds are willing to hire professional joint rollers. Oversimplified –  the federal government is hiring small businesses that can aid in cannabis research and testing. Cannabis knowledge and experience is a must, and rolling pre-rolled joints is a part of the job description. – MARIJUANA MOMENT Want to get marijuana delivered to you? Head on […] More