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    THC v. CBD: When Does The Paranoia Happen?

    Video by ASAP SCIENCE For every THC cultivated and enriched flower smoked contains a minimum amount of CBD that acts as a buffer towards its effects. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive substance. While CBD, also known as cannabidiol is that one that used for wellness. While THC is known for being the […] More

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    What marijuana does to your sex life

    So even though marijuana probably makes it harder to ejaculate and makes it harder for sperm to reach the egg, those birthrate-lowering effects are negated by fewer people using protection while they’re high. (Other studies have found the same link between consuming marijuana and not using contraception.) It’s important to do this research so we know […] More

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    IG Museum Now Has Marijuana

    It’s a 40-minute experience and there are 12 different exhibits. We call it “a journey from seed to celebration.” There’s a room with a giant bed of seeds, where visitors can lie and look up at cool lights. There’s a grow room, which shows the cannabis grow process. There’s also a harvest room, with huge […] More

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    Your Body and Mind on Terps

    “TERPS.” When I was new to smoking cannabis, that word always kept coming up. I did a google search and a ton of articles popped up. Most of them expounded on and defined on — To doing an in-depth scientific guide on classification of a sub-classification of what terpenes or terpenoids do — To how […] More