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    We Pledged 1% & We Need Help Deciding

    The business of tech has continuously been perceived as an industry that runs ‘for-profit’. Wave after wave of innovation has shaped the landscape of the world and with it came the daunting image of technological companies as these vast money-making machines. These companies see the economic disparity brought on by their existence and they believe […] More

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    US cannabis to take Canadian market.

    US cannabis companies publicly set to take over Canadian market. Cannabis companies in America use shell companies in order to take ground in the Canadian cannabis market using reverse mergers. Although, a risky technique, United States Big Weed companies like Med Men remain convinced. – BUSINESS INSIDER Want to get marijuana delivered to you? Head […] More

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    Strain Types – Sativa, Hybrid, Indica

    A Quick Guide to Strain Types When you’re new to smoking legal cannabis, marijuana menus can often be confusing. Budtenders often take care of that discrepancy by guiding and suggesting what’s good for the new patient. But when it comes to buying cannabis online, it can be a little bit difficult. There’s a lot of […] More