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    Rapper Weed

    “You ain’t gotta hold it too long This is rapper weed Couple hits is all you gonna need” – Wont Land, Wiz Khalifa   In the time of commercialized marijuana and much demand for brands – rapper weed is everything. Lyricists like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dog, 2Chainz, etc. have found their bearings talking and preaching […] More

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    The Top 4 Emerging Trends In The Cannabis Industry

    Last year, 2018 was a landmark for the marijuana industry as the two main legal adult-use markets for cannabis opened in the world. These are Canada and California. This has seen the cannabis industry explode and mature to a solid industry to reckon with. However, being relatively young, there are still some federal and legal prohibitions facing the industry. Despite being in its infancy, there are still some significant emerging trends that signal the patterns projecting the future of the industry. Cannabis Consumers are Valuing variety According to the […] More

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    We Pledged 1% & We Need Help Deciding

    The business of tech has continuously been perceived as an industry that runs ‘for-profit’. Wave after wave of innovation has shaped the landscape of the world and with it came the daunting image of technological companies as these vast money-making machines. These companies see the economic disparity brought on by their existence and they believe […] More

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    EX, GH, PR, SG, & TS: What Do They Mean?

    Have you ever gone to a dispensary and bought an 8th or a pre-roll marked as, “Trainwreck PR”? Have you ever wondered what “PR” stands for? Or if your budtender already clarified that “PR” stood for Private Reserve but are still wondering what the other types are… Then you’re in luck! Because right now we’re […] More

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    5 Facts On Lemon Banana Sherbet

    Lemon Banana Sherbet is another balanced, lemony hybrid strain from Crockett Family Farms. This strain is known for its sativa-dominant effects and delicious taste that leans towards giving its user positive vibe after the first puff. Lemon Banana’s Genetics There’s a little  information known about Crockett Family Farms besides being the breeders of Tangie. Their […] More

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    What Are Smalls?

    Dispensaries – storefronts or deliveries wouldn’t shy away from selling you shake or reggies to convert into extracts. But some dispensaries also wouldn’t shy away from selling popcorn buds, crown, or smalls. What are smalls Smalls are popcorn sized buds sold at a lower price. Some strains like GSC or Sunset Sherbet produce a lot […] More

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    Who and What is Jack Herer?

    Sativa strains, like light roast coffees, only have a few notable strains. Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Lambs Bread, and Super Silver Haze. Like the strain’s namesake, Jack Herer was also a notable activist and author of the book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. Dubbed as “The Emperor of Hemp”, Jack Herer fought for the legalization […] More

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    5 Facts About Platinum GSC

    Like America’s favorite seasonal cookies, Girl Scout Cookies —  the GSC family boasts some notable strains from its phenotype. From Pink Cookies (aka Birthday Cake) to Thin Mint GSC to Berner’s Cookies, each pheno wowed us with their flavorful terps and THC content. One such delicious GSC evolution is Platinum GSC. Platinum GSC (fka Platinum […] More