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    Some Potency Myths You Might Have Heard About

    There are fundamental myths that surround smoking cannabis. 1) In order for someone to have a good time, smoking higher contents of THC is great 2) The amount orange hairs (stigma) equates to the bud’s potency — Myths are myths for a reason and this is why it’s a necessary to find truth. HIGH THC […] More

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    Consumer: Women & Cannabis

    In an article by Forbes women spend about  “150 Billion” annually on consumer products. Studies made about the alcohol industry claim that most alcohol and alcohol based products are marketed towards women in their early 20’s. Nonetheless, what’s the Cannabis Industry up to? And how are they marketing their products towards women? In a random […] More

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    California Cannabis Labeling & What You Need to Know

    We’ve all been there before — looking through government websites and being confused about what to do and not to do in terms of our own individual intentions. Lately, I was asked to proof and research on the Cannabis Compliance Packaging in California. I found two cheat sheets one for Cannabis Products that involved flower […] More

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    THC v. CBD: When Does The Paranoia Happen?

    Video by ASAP SCIENCE For every THC cultivated and enriched flower smoked contains a minimum amount of CBD that acts as a buffer towards its effects. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive substance. While CBD, also known as cannabidiol is that one that used for wellness. While THC is known for being the […] More

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    A Breakdown of Terpenes Breaking in Your Body

    The cannabis community loves talking about terpenes because it’s one of the plant’s best selling points. Aside from the study being situated in cannabis, terpenes have an integral effect on the human body beyond the pleasures of basking in our ability to have an array of taste. A BREAKDOWN OF YOUR BODY ON TERPS & […] More

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    What marijuana does to your sex life

    So even though marijuana probably makes it harder to ejaculate and makes it harder for sperm to reach the egg, those birthrate-lowering effects are negated by fewer people using protection while they’re high. (Other studies have found the same link between consuming marijuana and not using contraception.) It’s important to do this research so we know […] More

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    IG Museum Now Has Marijuana

    It’s a 40-minute experience and there are 12 different exhibits. We call it “a journey from seed to celebration.” There’s a room with a giant bed of seeds, where visitors can lie and look up at cool lights. There’s a grow room, which shows the cannabis grow process. There’s also a harvest room, with huge […] More

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    Is CBD a Cure for Everything?

      Attitudes in healthcare have changed its view on CBD. Although, the Federal Government maintains uncertainty when the studies in cannabidiol can take place, marijuana focused companies still promote its positive effects. – VOX Affordable marijuana? Head on over to Or call 888-575-1323 TO SPEAK TO A VIRTUAL BUDTENDER! Image from Pexels More

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