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Cannabis Brands for Women

Even though cannabis has been used for centuries to ease menstrual cramps, improve mood, and soothe numerous health conditions, modern politics and stigma have tried to shut women out of the picture.

Since cannabis began to get legalized across the country, the industry has been primarily dominated by white men as the main profiteers and the primary targets of marketing campaigns. American cannabis culture as a whole is presented through a typically male lens.

However, female-centric cannabis brands are numerous, and gaining popularity as more and more women embrace cannabis as a healthy remedy for mental health disorders and menstrual pain, as well as the joys of recreational use.

WHOOPI & MAYA, founded by Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth, serves California and Colorado, and specialize in a variety of products specifically made to soothe the body to combat the symptoms of PMS. One of their most popular is their bath soaks, which are half and half CBD and THC and provide full body calming benefits without psychoactive effects.

KIVA, which has grown since its inception in 2010 and now has dispensaries all over the country, is known for their delicious edible cannabis chocolate bars, gummies, and mints! They have a variety of THC/CBD ratios.

KUSH & CUTE is a cannabis skincare brand founded by Iyana Edouard. She has created an awesome line of CBD oils, bath balms, body butter, toners, and scrubs. Iyana created the company after discovering cannabis as a way to manage her lifelong struggle with anxiety. Her products are marketed toward any woman who enjoys practicing self care.

MISS GRASS, founded by Anna Duckworth and Kate Miller, is another female-owned company that sells CBD products from a variety of brands, for everything from lip balm and tinctures, to sleep aids and sex enhancement products. Their mission is to perpetuate the trend of women taking their health into their own hands, and normalizing the use of cannabis as a natural and holistic healing substance.

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