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    USPS Allows Hemp Shipped

    Distribution of Hemp through mail is now legal. Several laws regarding the American postal service prohibit sending CBD and industrial hemp through mail. Courtney N. Moran, founder of Earth Law, LLC fought to remove federal ban on sending hemp via USPS. – MINISTRY OF HEMP Photo from IstockPhoto More

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    What’s Designer Weed?

    It’s been a long time, but since pre-recreational cannabis legalization, Californians have been experiencing the wonderful world of exotic, top shelf, and private reserve strains flooding the market. Some people call these strains exotics – most people just know they’re branded cannabis coming from growers and cultivators that can. One popular term is “Designer Weed” […] More

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    Pot Seeks Steps in Legalization

    Cannabis took a step towards legalization last 2018. With Pres. Trump signing the Farm Bill legally allowing to grow hemp, American’s are seeing their sights towards the legalization of marijuana. Hemp, a great source for CBD, is being used by cannabis producers to push forward. – FORBES More

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    Marijuana Health Store Moment With Leef

    ABOUT LEEF We find potency and purity in the confines of an organic/non-GMO foundation. Sun grown and rooted in California our licensed, organic farms sprawl the lush mountains of northern California. We’re soil science nerds, and we believe premium product comes from the soil up. We believe the best fertilizer is a farmer’s footsteps. Our […] More

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    That Line Separating Hemp & Marijuana

    Today, President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, thereby removing hemp from the Controlled Substances List and making it clear that the federal government considers industrial hemp to be a legal substance. But only one criteria determines what makes a plant hemp and not its still-illegal cousin marijuana: whether or not the plant has […] More

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