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    Cannabis Brands for Women

    Even though cannabis has been used for centuries to ease menstrual cramps, improve mood, and soothe numerous health conditions, modern politics and stigma have tried to shut women out of the picture. Since cannabis began to get legalized across the country, the industry has been primarily dominated by white men as the main profiteers and […] More

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    Fake Vape Carts Flood Black Market

    Counterfeit vape cartridges are flooding the black market. As an answer to the booming legal cannabis industry vape brands are gaining traction from cannabis users. Upon the demand for supply and better prices counterfeits from these brands are flooding the black market due to China’s supply of reproduced packages from Heavy Hitters, Brassknuckles, etc. – […] More

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    The Top 4 Emerging Trends In The Cannabis Industry

    Last year, 2018 was a landmark for the marijuana industry as the two main legal adult-use markets for cannabis opened in the world. These are Canada and California. This has seen the cannabis industry explode and mature to a solid industry to reckon with. However, being relatively young, there are still some federal and legal prohibitions facing the industry. Despite being in its infancy, there are still some significant emerging trends that signal the patterns projecting the future of the industry. Cannabis Consumers are Valuing variety According to the […] More

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    USPS Allows Hemp Shipped

    Distribution of Hemp through mail is now legal. Several laws regarding the American postal service prohibit sending CBD and industrial hemp through mail. Courtney N. Moran, founder of Earth Law, LLC fought to remove federal ban on sending hemp via USPS. – MINISTRY OF HEMP Photo from IstockPhoto More

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    Cannabis May Solve Smuggling Problem

    Cannabis may solve drug smuggling problem. Pres. Trump, time and time again, always pushes forward with building a wall. Studies conducted that the legalization of cannabis stifled a percentage of drugs being smuggled in the United States. – CANNABIS NOW Photo from Unsplash More

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    A Bill Called #420

    New Congressional Bill #420 will aid cannabis use to move out of federal ban. Rep. Earl Blumenauer passed a bill that will help remove cannabis out of being a Schedule I substance. Apparently, this isn’t the first time 420 had been passed to legalize marijuana. – FORBES Photo from Unsplash More

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    What’s Designer Weed?

    It’s been a long time, but since pre-recreational cannabis legalization, Californians have been experiencing the wonderful world of exotic, top shelf, and private reserve strains flooding the market. Some people call these strains exotics – most people just know they’re branded cannabis coming from growers and cultivators that can. One popular term is “Designer Weed” […] More

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    Designers Cultivating Cannabis Branding

    Boxed in by fickle regulations, branding agencies and designers were left to highlight the versatility of marijuana through lifestyle messaging. This, in turn, elevated and normalized the plant, alleviating a longtime pain point for the industry in terms of salability. Instead of locking cannabis out of the mainstream, the anti-pot agenda helped create a trendy […] More

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    Oregon: Legal Weed Sells in Black Market

    Oregon’s pot surplus forces growers to sell into the black market. According to state data, Oregon has gotten rid of 186, 800 lbs of marijuana due to a lack in sales. The source of the problem, conferring to Oregon Cannabis Association founder Amy Margolis, is that the state gave away too many licenses and there’s […] More

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    RollingStones: 2019 as the Year of Pot

    2019 is the year of cannabis. After legalization in California other states push forward to get their federal bans removed. Canada inspires the world for a country wide legalization. Hemp is finally legalized making CBD products available in the market giving way to more opportunities for both cannabis businesses and culture. – ROLLING STONE Istock […] More

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