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Spring Strains of Cannabis

Spring is finally on its way somewhere in a world hemisphere. For most, that means warmer weather and the emergence of growth. Trees, flowers, and the early vestiges of herb, fruit, and vegetable seedlings are blossoming all around.

For cannabis enthusiasts, spring also means spring strains are coming out of the doldrums of winter with bright flavors, fresh highs, and exciting experiences. It is time to switch up the flavor profiles and highs that carried the winter months and seeks out these strains instead.

Here are the top five spring strains to celebrate this expansive time of year.

Pineapple Trainwreck

This is an excellent strain for that first perfect spring day when the sunlight is glinting, and the world feels as if it is alive for the first time in months. Pineapple Trainwreck has a fresh, earthy aroma that is perfect for the warming weather. Find a sunny spot to enjoy the soothing effects of this relaxing strain.

Dat Cookie Dough

A sweet, Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is perfect for spring. Golden crystals and an orange hue with a sweet flavor, Dat Cookie Dough is perfect when you need a burst of laughter-filled energy. It is great for finally tackling your spring-cleaning to-do list or hanging out with friends and soaking up the sunshine.

Champagne Kush

Grape undertones and notes of champagne highlight this indica-dominant strain. Sweet and subtle, Champagne Kush starts out slow, but soon invigorates and enlivens you. An excellent spring strain selection if the weather is less than sunny, and you want to be in an uplifting mood.

Green Crack

This is more energy-boosting with this spring strain, making it perfect for a day full of spring activities. This strain will help you get out of the house finally and into the world to explore. Try using this before tackling a large outdoor project. On the other hand, when you know, you are going to need to lean in on the reserves of consistent, clean energy.

Strawberry Cough

Sweet and delicate, just like spring, Strawberry Cough is a great strain when you have friends over to sit on the patio and enjoy the sun. It is perfect with cold drinks and light snacks. Plan an afternoon with laughter and sunshine and this delightful strain.

Blue Cookies

This is the ultimate spring strain for anyone with a sweet tooth. Or who wants to experience the sweetness of the season. The robust thick flavor combination of blueberry and dark cherry flavors makes this spring strain an instant classic. Perfect for rocking out solo and getting things done or hanging out with friends.


No matter which strain you select, the bounty of the season is here. Enjoy these strains as you shed your winter skin and come back into the light.

Written by Diana Rangaves


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